Friday, 15 January 2016

A dialogue between two friends in hospital

A dialogue between two friends in hospital

Asif: good morning. imran , How's your friend today?
Imran: Good morning, Asif, don't know, can't say anything.
A:  did he sleep well last night.
I: No, he didn't sleep at all and neither did I.
A: you look tired.
I: I have a bad headache.
A: Why don't you take some medicine?
I: I think I'll take an aspirin.
A: But what can you do about him?
I: I think I'll tell doctor to give him a sleeping pill tonight.
A: Who is treating him?
I: Dr. Ikram.
A: Did they do any tests?
I: Yes, they did a few yesterday and the results will be known today.
A: Did they take any x-rays?
I: Yes, they took a few yesterday.
A: Is he diabetic? How's his blood pressure?
I: Luckily, he isn't diabetic but his pressure is a little high. He used to smoke a lot. Probably his liver is affected. The doctor said further tests would be done today.
A: Has he given up smoking?
I: Yes, he has, on the doctor's advice. It's a wonder how he has been able to do it.
A: In that case, let's hope he'll be all right soon. Anyway, we'll know everything when the results of all tests come.
I: Yes, let's keep our fingers crossed.
A: Everything will be all right. Which hospital is he in?
I: He's in Mayo, room #122, on the first floor.
A: I'll try to pop in this evening when I come back from the office.

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