Saturday, 5 March 2016

A dialogue between two friends about buying lottery ticket

A dialogue between two friends about buying lottery ticket

Rashid: What you buying?
Salim: I'm buying a lottery ticket.
R: Have you every won a lottery?
S: No, never!
R: Well, this time you are going to win. But what would you do if you were a millionaire?
S: I would use my money very wisely.
R: What would you do with all the money?
S: I would have a big hospital constructed for the poor.
R: How much would you charge the patients?
S: The treatment would be free, completely free. You are a doctor. You said you would contest a seat in Parliament. What would you do if you became the Prime Minister?
R: In that case I would appoint you as my advisor.
S: Then I would run the hospitals in the best way possible.
R: Imagine you won the election. What would you do to wipe out corruption?
S: I'd do everything within my power to eradicate corruption.
R: do you really think anybody would be able to do it if they tried?
S: I have my own doubts.
R: What if you failed in your attempt?
S: I suppose I would persist in my attempt.
R: Suppose you introduced very severe punishments to stop corruption?
S: Do you think it would prevent corruption? I wonder what would happen if we wipe out corruption.
R: Then people would be very happy and you'd be re elected.
S: I wonder when we would be able to wipe out corruption, poverty and illiteracy. I wish I knew how to do it!
R: Ok.
S: Ok. 

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