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A dialogue between two friends about importance of games and sports

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends about importance of games and sports

Abrar: Where are you going Kushaf:
Kushaf: I am going to the club, Abrar.
A: What do you do there?
K: I play tennis there with my friend, Saba.
A: Do you play tennis every day?
K: Yes, It keeps my body and mind fit. Do you play any game Abrar?
A: Yes, Kushaf.
K: Which games do you play?
A: I play cricket and football to keep my body fit an healthy.
K: I think games are essential for good health.
A: You are right, Kushaf. Games are essential for every body.
K: But some people do not play any game. They do not realize the importance of games.
A: But such people always suffer from one or the other ailment.
K: You are absolutely right, Abrar.
A: I think Kushaf, games should be made compulsory for the students.
K: I agree. Games will keep the students healthy and teach them discipline.
A: Discipline is very essential for the progress of an individual as well as the nation as a whole.
K: It is right said that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy.
A: According to a saying, only a healthy mind can realize God.
K: But a healthy mind can live only in a healthy body. For keeping a healthy body, games are very important.
A: Games also teach us the spirit of sportsmanship.
K: I agree with you. Games also develop the quality of leadership among the students.
A: Health is wealth, is an old saying. Therefore, to maintain our health we must play games.
K: Yes. You are right. May I take leave of you now? I am getting late for my tennis game.
A: With great pleasure. I don't want to detain you.
K: See you again.
A: good bye.
K: Bye, bye.

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