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A dialogue between two friends about punctuality

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends about punctuality
Akbar: Hello! Good evening! It is a pleasant surprise. Come on in.
Imran: Good evening, Akbar I had to come to the secondary school near by the attend the PTA meeting. On my way back, I thought I should say hello to you. How is life?
A: Not bad, can't complain. What was the Parent Teachers Association meeting about?
I: It was about introducing uniform in school. that was the only item on the agenda. But what irritated me was that nobody observed punctuality. The meeting was to start at 2:30 p.m. but the President himself came at 3 p.m. and by the time we had a quorum, it was about 3.30.
A: Punctuality is something more observed in breach than in practice. What can anybody do about it?
I: That's the trouble with us. Nobody seemed to bother about it. You know what I did? When the meeting began, I stood up and interrupted on a point of order. I told the President that at least he owed us an apology for not having started the meeting on time.
A: How did he take it?
I: I explained that time was precious to people like me and insisted that it should be noted in the minutes of the meeting that the meeting started and hour late. The President took it meekly, apologized and said the meeting would begin on time in the future.
A: Have you ever seen any function beginning on schedule? In government offices nobody comes in time. The heads of departments and even the ministers invariably come late for meetings. It is because we don't protest that things go no like this. I congratulate you on what you've done.
I: Thank you. People even feel it is belittling to be in time anywhere. Nowadays people are invited to be present at parties one hour before time. If a birthday party is to start at 6 o'clock, you are invited to be there at 5 so that at least by 6 o'clock everybody will be present.
A: Why do you think people do so? That has become a way of life here and people don't bother about such things. Everybody is used to it but if it happens the other way round, they are upset. The organizers should stick to the time announced and make other feel that they are late.
I: It really happened to me the other day. I was invited to a birthday party to be present at 5 o'clock. Exactly at five minutes to five, I reached to place. I was the only guest present for almost half an hour. it was very embarrassing. The children, of course, started enjoying themselves. Around 5.30 the second family arrived and by 6 o'clock almost all were present. You know how I  felt. It looked as if I was too early and others were punctual. They could have told me that the party would be at 6 o'clock.
A: But then the guests would have come only at 7 o'clock. People walk in leisurely, knowing fully well the function will begin only after their arrival. You are in such a society and you can't start at the right time. very funny!
I: If I happen to invite anyone, I think, I'll tell him that the party will begin on the dot of time and request him to be present in time. If people don't turn up in time, they should feel like late comers. I always want to be punctual and i have never been late in my life.
A: I wish people could be taught to observe punctuality. You are a stickler for punctuality, aren't you? Let's hope others will take a leaf out of your book and benefit themselves.
I: At least I hope the next PTA meeting will begin on time. Why should we wait for late-comers? Punctuality is not something to be spoken of it is to be practiced by everyone.
A: Otherwise, what use is a watch? I wish everyone were like you!
I: I should be leaving now. thanks for the nice cup of tea. Bye!
A: Do come again. Bye, bye,

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