Saturday, 16 April 2016

A dialogue between two friends about applying for a job

 Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends about applying for a job

Akbar: Hello, Haris, have you read today's the daily Jang?
Haris: Yes, I have.
A: Haven't you seen the advertisement calling applications for the post of a Chief Accountant?
H: Oh, yes, I have.
A: Have you applied for the post?
H: No, I haven't.
A: Aren't you applying?
H: Yes, I am.
A: What is the last date for the receipt of applications?
H: Twelfth of this month.
A: Are you asked to write it in your own handwriting?
H: Yes. I think i shall send the application tomorrow.
A: Where do you think will be the interview?
H: The interview will be in Karachi in the first week of next month.
A: Will the company pay you all expenses to go for the Interview?
H: Yes, if I'm called.
A: I hope you have all the necessary qualifications and experience specified for the post?
H: Yes, I have all that enough and more. But I'm sure there will still be keen competition for the post. I have to make Photostats of all certificates and testimonials.
A: What reasons are you going to give for leaving the present post?
H: There is no more scope in my firm and I would like to take up a more challenging job where there's more scope for initiative.
A: What's the scope in this company?
H: This is a multi-national company and one can rise up as Finance Manager, General Manager, Director and so on if one proves one's worth. I have been a chief accountant for five years, but there is no scope for promotion in my company.
A: Well, Haris, I wish you all the best luck. I'm sure you'll get this post and you will go to the top rung of the ladder.
H: I'm sure I will make it. I shall tell you when I am called for the interview and if anything comes up.
A: All the best once again. Bye.
H: Thanks, bye.

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