Saturday, 16 April 2016

A dialogue between two friends by chance meeting

A dialogue between two friends by chance meeting

Asrar: Hello, rafi! How do you do?
Rafi: Hello, Asrar! How do you do?
A: Pretty well thanks. And you?
R: I am also fine, thanks. I have seen you after a very long time. Where were you all these days?
A: I had gone abroad for a few years and came back only last month.
R: Where had you gone?
A: Firstly, I went to Saudi Arabia and after that I shifted to Iran, where I stayed for three years.
R: I hear that there had been a lot of trouble in Iran.
A: You are right Rafi, recently there has been a lot of trouble in Iran due to the opposition against the rule of the Shah of Iran. For this reason I returned to Pakistan last month.
R: What are you planning now?
A: I intend to go to Saudi Arabia after a few months.
R: Why don't you settle in Pakistan?
A: I think ultimately I have to settle in Pakistan. But it will take me a few more years, before I start my own venture in Pakistan.
R: I think you are a Civil Engineer you must be getting a  lot of money in foreign countries.
A: There is no doubt about that. There is a lot of money in foreign countries. But you have to work very hard to earn it.
R: I think you have also to spend a lot of money to maintain your standard.
A: You are right. There are a lot of expenses in the foreign countries. What are you doing nowadays?
R: I have started my own business of motor parts. I have a shop in Litton road. I think we have meeting after ten years.
A: You are right. Are you married Rafi?
R: Yes. I got married seven years back and I am already the father of three daughters. What about you?
A: I also got married five years back and I have one daughter and one son.
R: What is your wife?
A: My wife is a Graduate. She does not like to serve. She attends to the household duties only. And what about your wife?
R: My wife is a trained science teacher. She is employed as the Principle of the higher Secondary School.
A: That's good. Because I understand in Pakistan nowadays if both the husband and the wife do not earn, it is difficult to make the both ends meet.
R: You are absolutely correct. Why don't you come to my house someday along with your family to meet us?
A: It will be our great pleasure to come and meet your wife and children on any day you invite us.
R: Why don't you come on coming Sunday and have your lunch with us?

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