Friday, 29 April 2016

Conversation between mother and children's for tea

Dialogue Writing

Conversation between mother and children's for tea 

Habib: Mother, it's tea-time.
Mother: Yes, son. Tea is almost ready and I'm bringing it in a minute. Munib and Athar has a built-in alarm clock set for tea-time.
Habib: Mother, I'll get the tea table ready in the meantime.
Mother: Here you are! Come everybody the tea is ready.
Habib: Let me help you put the tray on the table mother.
Mother: I'll make tea for you all. Tea, milk and sugar are in separate pots. Munib, do you take sugar in your tea?
Munib: Yes, just one teaspoonful.
Mother: What about you Mr. Athar?
Athr: I'm diabetic. No sugar for me, please. I don't take sugar in my tea.
Mother: All of us here except me take two teaspoonful in a cup. This is you cup Mr. Athar and this is for Munib. We normally have tea at half past four. Today it is a pleasure to have you both at tea with us. I've made tea for everybody. Come on, help yourselves, children.
Habib: Mother, please pass me the tea-cake. I shall pass it around the table.
Mother: I bought these samoosas from a bakery in town. Everybody, please help yourself. Mr. Munib, won't you have some more tea?
Munib: Yes, I would like to have some more. Thank you.
Mother: What about you. Athar? Shall I pour some more tea for you?
Athar: No, thank you. I have had enough. The cake was lovely, but I couldn't possibly tea any more.
Mother: Everybody else, help yourself. Mr. Munib and Athar, won't you have some more cake?
Athar: I'll have one more samoosa. It's very nice.
Munib: No, thank you. No cake for me. I'll have another samoosa. It's very tasty.
Mother: I'm sorry, Mr. Munib, I understand you don't eat anything sweet. Now, are you sure you've all had enough tea and snacks. Do any of you need anything any more? Shall I remove the tray from the table?
All: Yes, please. Thank you. Thank for the nice cup of tea and snacks.
Mother: You're welcome.

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