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A dialogue between chemist and customer at the pharmacy

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A dialogue between chemist and customer at the pharmacy 

Chemist: What can I do for you, sir?
Customer: I want to buy some medicines.
Chemist: May I know which medicines do you want?
Customer: I have got a doctor's prescription for some medicines for my wife.
Chemist: Please, show me.
Customer: I shall just show you, it was in my coat pocket. I am trying to find out. Here it is, please.
Chemist: There are five medicines written in this prescription. I am sorry that we don't have the last medicine. If you want, you can have the first four medicines.
Customer: When can I have the other medicine, please?
Chemist: You can have it on Friday. We have already placed the order with the manufacturers and we hope to et is before Friday.
Customer: Then please give me the medicines which are available with you, for two weeks.
Chemist: Just a minute please. Here are you medicine.
Customer: Thank you.
Chemist: Anything else you want, please?
Customer: Now I want some general medicines for my family. Have you got Anacin.
Chemist: Yes, please. How many tablets do you want?
Customer: Please give me one packet of ten tablets.
Chemist: Here it is, please.
Customer: I also want a tin of first aid dressings and some good cough syrup.
Chemist: I shall get you these in five minutes.
Customer: Have you got some good tooth brush and a small sized tooth paste.
Chemist: Yes, please. Here are all the popular brands of tooth brushes and tooth pastes. You can, choose any of these according to your liking.
Customer: Please give me two pieces of Colgate tooth brush and one medium sized Natural tooth paste.
Chemist: Please have these.
Customer: I also want one small bottle of Dettol and a tube of Burnol.
Chemist: Please have these.
Customer: Can I also have two packets of Erasmic Blades?
Chemist: Certainly. Do you want anything else or should I make the bill.
Customer: Please make the bill.
Chemist: This is your bill please.
Customer: Here is the money. Please return the balance to me.
Chemist: This is your balance please.
Customer: Thank you.
Chemist: Thank you, for your visit, sir.

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