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A dialogue between two friends regarding a visit to a zoo

Dialogue Writing    Language practice

A dialogue between two friends regarding a visit to a zoo
Jaafer: Good morning, Rafi.
Rafi:Good morning, jaafer.
J: Where are you going today?
R:  I am going to visit the lahore zoo with my father.
J: I have seen all the zoological parks in our country.
R: You have seen really many zoological parks.
J: Is it your first visit to a zoological park?
R: No. Before this I have visited the Jaloo zoo. Can you tell me which zoo you like the most?
J: Yes. I like the Lahore Zoo most of all, because it is really a big zoo.
R: Can you tell me? How did you go to the zoo?
J: I went by bus with my family.
R: Where is the Lahore Zoo situated?
J: It is situated near the Chairing Cross on the Mall near A vari Hotel.
R: Is there a great rush of visitors at the zoo?
J: There is always a great rush of visitors of visitors who come to visit the zoo.
R: Is there any entry fee?
J: Yes. You have to purchase the entry tickets after which you can enter the zoo.
R: I think I shall enjoy my visit to the zoo.
J: Of course. There are beautiful parks and pools you will be thrilled to see beautiful birds and animals.
R: Can you name some birds which we may find there?
J: Yes, you will see many birds like ducks, pigeons, parrots, sparrows and many other birds which you have never seen before.
R: Can you tell me something about the animals?
J: By all means. You will see stags, deers, Neelgai, rhinos, lions, tigers, leopards, monkeys, elephants etc.
R: Thank you so much jaafer. I shall really enjoy myself when I go to the zoo today.

J: Never mind please.

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