Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Conversation in beauty salon

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Conversation in beauty salon

Nazia: Good morning, please.
Receptionist: Good morning. What can i do for you?
Nazia: I want to get my hair done, as i have to attend my friend's marriage today.
Receptionist: It is all right, please. Go inside the first cabin, there Miss Saba will herself attend to you.
Nazia: Thank you.
Saba: Please come in and sit down in this chair, in front of the Mirror.
Nazia: I am Miss Nazia.
Saba: I am glad to meet you. I am Miss Saba, the proprietor of this beauty parlour. What can I do for you.
  Nazia: I am pleased to meet you, Miss Saba. I have come from karachi to attend the marriage of my friend. I want to have my hair done.
Saba: Do you want a trim, shampoo and set, please?
Nazia: Yes, please.
Saba: Do you want to have short cut?
Nazia: N o please. I would like to keep long hair. just cut off a little bit at the ends.
Saba: All right. First of all, my assistant will give you a shampoo and then I shall use rollers on your hair.
Saba: Do you want to ends turned out or turned in?
Nazia: I would like the nds turned inwards.
Saba: Now, I shall put you under the dryer for the forty minutes, You can read these magazines in the meantime. Would you like some tea or coffee?
Nazia: I would like a hot cup of tea, if possible.
Saba: I shall ask my assistant to bring you a hot cup of tea. If the dryer gets too hot, just pull at this plug and the air will cool off.
Saba: O.K. now I shall remove the dryer and take out the pins and rollers.
Saba: Do you want a lot of back combing?
Nazia: No, please. Only a little bit.
Saba: Of course, I shall have to do a little bit of back combing to give a style to the hair.
Nazia: It's all right please.
Saba: Now I have set your how you like it.
Nazia: It's really very beautiful. Thank you so much, for doing my hair in such a nice manner.
Saba: Would you also like pedicure or a manicure please?
Nazia: Only manicure, please. But it should be done quickly.
Saba: It won't take much time please.
Nazia: Thank you, now how much have I to pay?
Saba: Only Rs. 500please.
Nazia: Here is the money.
Saba: Thank you for your visit. Please come again.
Nazia: Good bye.
Saba: Bye, bye.

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