Tuesday, 22 November 2016

A dialogue between customer and salesman at the saree shop

A dialogue between customer and salesman at the saree shop

Customer: I want to by some sarees.
Salesman: Pleas step in. We have a very large variety of sarees.
Customer: Have you got the latest designs?
Salesman: Yes, madam. We have sarees of latest design and fashion.
Customer: Pleas, show me some sarees.
Salesman: Which type of sarees would you like to see? We have Aurangabadi, Silken, Benarsi, American Georgette, Polyester, Handloom, etc.
Customer: Pleas show me some American and Silken sarees.
Salesman: Pleas come to this side. I'll show you sarees of your choice.
Customer: O.K.
Salesman: Would you like superior or cheap quality sarees?
Customer: Please show me only the superior ones.
Salesman: Here are sarees of all colours and designs.
Customer: Pleas show me printed sarees.
Salesman: Here it is, madam. This is the latest in design and is much in demand.
Customer: What about the sarees?
Salesman: Which saree, madam?
Customer: That light yellow colour.
Salesman: This is a pure silken saree, madam. If you like it, I would suggest you to purchase it.
Customer: What is the cost of these sarees?
Salesman: Madam, don't worry about the prices. These are just nominal. First of all you select the sarees and then the pieces can be settled.
Customer: Can you show me that red saree with small flower?
Salesman: Here it is, please. This is the only piece of its kind available in our shop.
Customer: Is it durable?
Salesman: Certainly, madam. We have sold at least 500 sarees of this type and there no complaint as yet.
Customer: O.K. Please then pack these two sarees and give me the bill.
Salesman: Here are you sarees, madam. And here is the bill.
Customer: How much is it?
Salesman: Rupees four thousand only, madam. This is just the cost price on which we are selling these sarees.
Customer: You seem to be a very clever salesman.
Salesman: Not at all, madam. Our rates are the lowest in the market.
Customer: But I won't pay you more then rupees thirty five hundred in any case. Your charges are really very high.
Salesman: It's all right, madam. You can pay whatever you like you are coming to our shop for the first time. We don't want to displease  you.
Customer: O.K. Thank you.

Salesman: Thank you for your visit, madam. Come again.

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