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A dialogue between two friends about catch fish

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A dialogue between two friends about catch fish

Aqib: Hamid, tomorrow I'm coming to your house to see how you catch fish. Where do you live?
Hamid:  I live very near the seashore. you come by No. 5 Bus and get down at the terminus. I'll  wait  for you there.
Aqib: I'll be arriving by the first bus. pleas wait for me at the bus stop. Will you catching fish tomorrow?
Hamid:  Yes, because the weather is favorable. The sea is calm now.
Aqib: How do you catch fish?
Hamid:  My father has bought a big nylon net.
Aqib: Is it very expensive?
Hamid:  Yes, it cost about Rs. 5ooo.
Aqib: Oh, that's too much money. How many people do you require to catch fish with that net?
Hamid: At least six.
Aqib: What do they do?
Hamid:  One end of the net is held by the people on the shore. Then two people carry the net and go into the water casting the net in a semi-circle and get back to the shore.
Aqib: How far into the sea do they go?
Hamid:  They go into about shoulder deep water. The floats can be seen on the surface of the water in a semi-circle. The weights rest on the sand leaving the net in an almost vertical Position.
Aqib: Once the net is cast, I think it is pulled to the shore.
Hamid:  That's tough job and for that more people are required, at least three people on either side
Aqib:So all the fish within that semi-circle will be caught in the net.
Hamid:  Yes . Sometimes we catch a lot of fish. At other times it may be disappointing.
Aqib: What do you do with all your catch?
Hamid:  We divide the catch into seven shares, six people and the seventh is for the owner of the net. If we joint them in catching fish, we get two shares.
Aqib: If they take the net and catch fish, they bring one share for you.
Hamid:  That's right.
Aqib: What do you when you have an abundance of fish?
Hamid:  It is sold in the market. The amount received also is divided in the same way.
Aqib: The owner of the net gets a share.
Hamid:  Yes, so that the money spent on buying the net is made up.
Aqib: Will you be able  to get it back in year?
Hamid:  May not be in a year, but certainly in two years' time.
Aqib: That's not bad. Everybody gets fish and also some money. Anyway, I can see it tomorrow. I have been catching fish with a fishing rod and line.  Don't you ever do that?
Hamid: Some of my friends who have no net catch fish with a rod. They go to the rock near the shore and catch fish.
Aqib:But then you need a lot of luck to get a fish. You  Put the bait on the hook and have to wait for the fish to swallow it, don't you?
Hamid:  They know the Places where  there are a lot of fish. The only problem is that you have to patiently sit hours together with a rod.
Aqib: Yes, but then angling is a hobby and time passes quickly when you get a fish once in a way. I wish my house were near the seashore.
Hamid: If you like catching fish, at least during the holidays you can come to the seashore with a rod and a line. It is not difficult to make one, if you can't buy one.I can also join you once in a way.
Aqib: Anyway let me join you tomorrow. So make sure you at the bus stop at 6.a.m.
Hamid: Don't worry about that. I'll be there, but don't oversleep and miss the first bus. See you tomorrow.
Aqib: Bye.

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