Saturday, 19 November 2016

A dialogue between vegetable seller and customer

Dialogue Writing  Short dialogue

A dialogue between customer and greengrocer

Customer: Have you fresh vegetables?
Shopkeeper: Sir, all my vegetables are fresh from the fields.
Customer: What is the price of onions?
Shopkeeper: Sir, 25 rupees per kilogram.
Customer: What is the rate of cauliflower?
Shopkeeper: 50 rupees per kilogram.
Customer: Give me one kilogram each of onions and cauliflower.
Shopkeeper: Anything else, sir.
Customer: Give me one kilogram peas and half a kilogram of lady's finger, and one kilogram of cabbage.
Shopkeeper: Sir, take brinjal and carrots. These are also very good.
Customer: No I don't need them. Have you got potatoes and tomatoes?
Shopkeeper: Yes, sir.
Customer: All right. Give half a kilogram of tomatoes and one kilogram of potatoes.
Shopkeeper: Sir, take some fresh mint also.
Customer: O .K. Put some mint also. Now what is the bill?
Shopkeeper: Only 195 rupees, sir.
Customer: Take these 195 rupees.

Shopkeeper: Thank you, sir. Come again.


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