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A dialogue between mother and son make an regarding omelet

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between mother and son make an regarding omelet

Mother: Son, I'm happy you have a good job now. When have you got the report of work?
Son: Mum, you should be delighted. Not only a good job, I'll be provided with furnished rent-free quarters. Electricity and water charges will be paid by the company and above all I'll be given a chauffeur-driven car. I know the house is in quite a good neighborhood
.Mother: But son, you don't know anything about cooking and how are you going to survive?
Son: Oh, mother, how do you think all bachelors live? I'll live the same way, if not better. I'll live the same way, If not better. I'll have jam butter, bread, bananas and eggs for breakfast. Mostly I'll be eating lunch outside. Why don't you teach me how  to prepare one or two curries? Mum, can you show me how to make an omelet now?
Mother: I'll be glad to. Come, come to the kitchen.
Son: All right, mum.
Mother: Today I'll teach you how to make an omelet and you'll make it for breakfast tomorrow.
Son: Ok, mum.
Mother: Now watch carefully. First the eggs are broken into a bowl. You need only two eggs. They are beaten to a forth with a fork or an egg beater. They a small onion and half a green chili are cut into small pieces like this. They are added to the beaten egg. If you don't like green chilies, you can pepper. Don't forget to add a pinch of salt.
Son: Shall I put the fry pan on the stove?
Mother: Yes, put it on the stove and light it.
Son: What next?
Mother: It is hot now. Put a teaspoonful of ghee. That's it.
Son: Now shall I pour it into the pan?
Mother: Yes, pour it. Now when one side is cooked enough, turn it with this spatula to the other side. When both sides are cooked, the omelet is ready.
Son: So simple, mum. It won't take more than five minutes to make an omelet.
Mother: But don't eat two many eggs. I know how much you like them.
Son: No, mother, I'll be careful. when are you going to show me how to make chicken curry?
Mother: I know that's your favorite dish. I'll show you how to cook chicken tomorrow. But it is not so simple as making an omelet. Now that ready made masala is available, it is not difficult either.
Son: Ok, tomorrow. Thank you.

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