Thursday, 15 December 2016

A dialogue between two friends about daily routines and activities

Dialogue Writing  Daily routines and activities
A dialogue between two friends about daily routines and activities
Qamar: Hello, good morning Jawad.
Jawad: Good morning, Qamar. What are you doing here?
Q: Oh, I'm having my shoes polished.
J: Don't you polish them yourself?
Q: No, I don't get time to do it. So I have them polished daily.
J: Do you have your shoes polished every day?
Q: Yes, almost every day. I can't go to my office with dirty shoes on. How often do you have your shoes polished?
J: I don't have my shoes polished daily. I polish them myself. By the by, where are you going?
Q: I'm going to hospital. I would like to have my eyes tasted. I normally have my eyes tasted once in two years.
J: You mean have your spectacles changed every years.
Q: Yes, I do. I have my glasses changed every two years. I had them changed two years ago. Where are you going?
J: I'm going to have my hair cut.
Q: How often do you have your  hair cut?
J: I have my hair cut once in a month. Last time I had my hair cut about a month ago. What about you?
Q: I don't have my hair cut. I cut it myself. I have trimmer and I do it once in a way.
J: You mean you don't have a barber cut your hair.
Q: That is right. Next week I have an appointment with my dentist. I want to have my teeth cleaned.
J: How often do you have your teeth cleaned?
Q: I have my teeth cleaned at least once a year. There is also one cavity in a tooth. I would like to have it filled up if it can be done. Otherwise, I'll have that tooth extracted.
J: I think it is a good idea to have our teeth cleaned once in a way. Otherwise, there will be a lot of tarter on them. I have to go to the laundry, too. I have had my clothes washed at the laundry since the servant left.
Q: Who does all the cooking?
J: I have my wife cook all the food. I don't like servants doing it. I'm also having my house painted tomorrow. just now I had the paint sent home.
Q: Oh, I had my house painted last month. Everything was in a mess for a week.
J: We'll have to put up with it until all the work is over.
Q: I'm having my car washed. The boy hasn't finished washing it. Usually I have it washed once in a week. Oh, it is time for me to go to hospital. I think I shall have it washed when I come back. Good day, Mr. Jawad.
J: Good day.

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