Friday, 2 December 2016

A dialogue between two friends on vacation

Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends on vacation

Munib: Where are you going so early in the morning?
Zahid: I'm going to play badminton.
M: Oh, you are on vacation. Have you done your exam well?
Z: I think so.
M: I'm sure you'll pass exam.
Z: I hope so.
M: How do you spend your time?
Z: I play badminton till abut 8 o'clock. Then I come home and have a bath.
M: Don't you read any newspaper in the morning?
Z: Oh, yes, I do. After bath I read the paper for about an hour.
M: What paper do you read? Do you read any English daily?
Z: Yes, I do. I also read Urdu newspaper for local news. Then I have breakfast and get ready to go to market.
M: Do you go to market every day?
Z: I think so. Almost every day.
M: Do you buy groceries daily?
Z: I go to buy vegetables and fish.
M: Don't you by meat?
Z: I buy meat on Sundays but I buy fish every day.
M: Doesn't your brother go to the market?
Z: Yes, he does. He goes whenever he is free or whenever it is inconvenient for me. He doesn't go nowadays because his exam is going on. He is studying hard.
M: What do you do in the afternoon?
Z: I watch TV for some time. Around 5 o'clock I go for a walk with my friends. My brother doesn't come with me because he is busy with his exam.
M: I think it is going to rain.
Z:  I'm afraid so.
M: What time do you get back home in the evening?
Z: I get back home around 7o'clock.
M: I think it is good to be back home early.
Z: I believe so.
M: Will your father be angry with you if you are late?
Z: I don't think so.
M: What do you do at home?
Z: I watch TV till I go to bed.
M: When do you have your supper?
Z: I have supper while watching TV programmer.
M: You are lucky, you are on vacation. I'm going to work and I have no vacation.

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