Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Group Discussion Topics

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Group Discussion

Group discussion gives an opportunity to each individual in the group to put across his point of view as clearly, emphatically or forcefully with conviction which is accepted and appreciated by others. This requires knowledge on the subject and the ability to say the right thing at the right time. Listening is a very important part of group discussion, you need to listen to hear the point of view of others in the group. In a group discussion you must not be adamant about your point of view nor be upset or angry or show your temper  if others don't agree with you, remember every one has a right to express his point of view. But patient, smile, if you can.
In day to day life we land up in discussion; sometimes heated discussion at a number of place-at home, at work, at play, at a social gathering, in fact where ever people get together there is a discussion on some topic or other. To participate successfully in discussion increase your knowledge. Read as much as you can, improve your general awareness.
Given below are a few topics for group discussion:
  •  If women go out to work, who will look after the children?
  •  Men should share the house hold work with a smile.
  •  Equal opportunities should be given but there should be no reservations.
  •  Dowry in a moderate from should be given the girl.
  •  Girls should have equal rights on father's property.
  •  Advantages and disadvantage of living in flats.
  •  Every member should share the responsibility of running a  house.
  •  Should children to told ghost stories?
  •  Should school children take tuitions?
  •  Should children be sent to a boarding school?
  •  Hard work or smart work- Which is important?
  •  World poverty is a big problem?
  •  Should pakistan have a one-child policy?
  •  Who is a better boss- a men or a women?

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