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Fables for Children

Fables for Children

What are fables?
I represent a certain moral fables and short stories that teach lessons to children. The theme and characters appeal to children and stories are humorous and fun for kids of all ages. Stories which can also be an illustration of such a message in his story can be described as stories or yarns. Stories are often used to teach about the myths and legends in our culture as morality and children.

The Characters of Fables?
Fables and stories of the characters are usually animals and what kind of people whilst retaining the traits of animals. This theme is especially appealing to children.

We have a huge collection of beautiful children's stories. There are more than 63 short online stories. One of the best ways of improving your English is to read the language. This part of our site includes complete English short stories for kids by some of the very best Beautiful writers. Do you have nice friends and looking for beautiful children's stories, or you want to read children's story to your lovers has the solution for you.

English short stories

» Aladdin and The magic lamp » The animals and the plague
» The Bluebird » The conference of the mice
» Beauty and the beast » The donkey that thought he was clever
» The foolish king » Feast of the mouse
» Friendship of noxious » The freedom is a blessing
» The fox and the crow » Generosity and stinginess
» Goldilocks and the three bears » The ugly duckling
» The golden egg » The conceited stag
» The little red hen » Grant of prayer
» The hare and the elephant » The horse and the wolf
» The hill and the squirrel  » The lion and the mosquito
» The ox and the frog » The rapunzel
» The princess and the pea » The parrot's message
» The pied piper » Prayer of a mother deer
» Reward of kindness » Rumpelstiltskin
» Snow white » Sleeping beauty
» Soaring through the stars » The shoemaker
» The elves and the shoemaker » The shepherdess and the sweep
» Two kings in a jungle » Tinderbox
» The talkative turtle » Value of safety
» Wise turtle  » The wise goat
» The punishment of mischief » The intelligent sparrow
» The wickedness of jackal » The novel bird
» The magic stick » The foolish friend
» The little mermaid » Little thumb
» Little match girl  » Puss in boots
» Pinocchio » Cinderella
» Little red riding hood » Jack and the beanstalk
» Wind and sun » The donkey and the wolf
» The hare and the tortoise » Wild swans

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