Thursday, 9 February 2017

Soaring Through The Stars Story

English short stories ; Fables for Children

Soaring through the Stars

Long ago, in the kingdom of Agra bah, the Sultan wanted to make sure that his only daughter would always be cared for, so he insisted on following the law that said the Princess must marry prince before her sixteenth birthday. Princess Jasmine had only three days left in which to choose a husband. One after another, princes journeyed to the palace, and one after another, the princes were sent away. because Jasmine thought they were conceited or pompous or just plain dull. Prince Ali Ababwa seemed to be the worst of all. Jasmine had actually overhead him say to the Sultan Just let her meet me. I will your daughter. That night as Jasmine paced in her room the Prince appeared on her balcony. Please, Princess give me a chance! cried Prince Ali who was really the street urchin Aladdin. Jasmine frowned. There was something familiar about the Prince's voice and eyes. Do I know you? she asked. You remind me of someone I met in the market place. Marketplace? he repeated in shock. I would never go there. He was trying to behave as he imagined a prince would.
From his snobbish rezones it became clear to Jasmine that he was just another swaggering peacock. Finally in exasperation, Jasmine cried, Go jump off a balcony!'' As the Prince turned to leave, he conceded, You aren't just a prize to be won. You should be free to make your own choice. Jasmine watched Prince Ali step off balcony. Instead of falling, he seemed to float. How are you doing that? she asked. It's uh a magic carpet, Aladdin replied, You don't want to go for a ride do you? We could go a way and see the world is it safe?'' Jasmine asked, eyeing the carpet. Sure Aladdin replied, holding out his hand, Do you trust me? Yes'' said Jasmine stepping onto the carpet. Now she was almost certain that Prince Ali was the boy in the marketplace. The boy had used the same expression: Do you trust me? The carpet flew over the twinkling lights of Agra bah, and  sailed over the starlit desert. It drifted over the dark and rolling sea. Jasmine held on tight enjoying every moment. She gasped as they zoomed past the pyramids of Egypt.  She laughed as they dipped own in an apple Prichard and Prince Ali plucked an apple off a tree. She caught her breath as they set down in China and watched a fireworks display from the roof of a pagoda. Soon Jasmine would find out more about this so-called prince. But whatever happened, she would never forget her magical tour of the big, wonderful surprising world.

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