Wednesday, 15 March 2017

A dialogue between two friends about weather

English Dialogue Writing

A dialogue between two friends about weather
Ali: What is the weather like outside?
Nazakat: It's cloudy.
A: Is it raining?
N: No, it isn't. It's drizzling
A: Are the roads wet?
N: Yes, the roads are slippery.
A: Do you like this kind of weather?
N: I think, every body likes.
A: How long will it last?
N: I don't think, it will last long.
A: How was it yesterday?
N: It was the same.
A: Sorry, I forgot. Would you like to take tea?
N: The weather is for tea.
A: Let's go and sit in the lawn. We will have a cup of tea there.
N: I do not have that much time. I have to go to college. My class start s at ten.
A: Don't worry, we will not take long.
N: ok. But I can't stay long.

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