Saturday, 11 March 2017

Conversation between doctor and patient

English Dialogue Writing

Conversation between doctor and patient
Patient: Hello doctor.
Doctor: You've had a bit of a fall.  What were you doing? Going too fast?
Patient: Yes doctor, I fell off  going round a corner.
Doctor: You'd better get undressed then, and we'll take a look at you. That's a nasty cut. I'll have to put a couple of stitches in that.
Patient: I've got a cut here too, doctor.
Doctor: It looks worse than it is. It's only a graze. The nurse will clean it up for you. It'll sting, but that's all. Now, does it hurt anywhere else?
Patient: I've got a pain in my arm. It's very sore, and it feels stiff.
Doctor: Well there' s nothing broken, but you've bruised your shoulder. It'll be sore for a few days. Now, did you bang your head at all?
Patient: Yes I did. I fell on to the bike. But it doesn't hurt now.
Doctor: Do you feel dizzy?
Patient: No, not at all.
Doctor: Look up there, I'm just going to shine this light in your eye. No, that's fine. I'll just do the stitches, and the nurse will put a dressing on it. Then you can go home.
Patient: ok doctor

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