Thursday, 23 March 2017

Media influence on society

Impact of media on society
Media influence on society

The media is a powerful force in contemporary society. I agree with my friend but my friend has perhaps forgotten that there are number of disadvantages of this media television. First of all we cannot ignore that many moral vices have grown and reached at their peak in the society. all the demoralization is a gift of this television. Some programmers  films and dramas are only cheap and melodramatic which badly affect the morality of our youth. Sometimes these plays films and dramas become the cause to lead our young generation towards crimes and destructive activities. from last few months inclinations towards moral and social crimes has increased daily newspapers are replete with crimes.  The most glaring drawback of TV is that it wastes the precious time of students. It has lead them away from their aimed studies. Students use to sit in front of TV and forget their studies. In present day cable TV has proved a fuel to the fire. Some Hard facts and bitter realities of life are portrayed in imaginative way. This leads them away from reality and they become passive. This passiveness is destructive for the nation. Similarly  newspapers  sometimes  publish sensational news only for the permotion of their newspapers sometimes they exaggerate the situation or crises prevailing in the country that causes frustration among the people.

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