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The Boy Who Cried Wolf full Story

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Watching for wolves
There was once a village where many of the villagers kept sheep. Every morning they took their sheep onto the hill near the village. Then they went back to do their work. Every evening the brought their sheep home for the night. In the daytime there was always a boy with the sheep. It was not always the same boy. Different boys worked on different days. The boy's job was to watch for wolves.
One day a new boy was looking after the sheep. He was a boy who liked fun. He did not like his job. It was too boring. He tried many different things to keep himself happy. First he watched the sheep. But he soon got bored with that. Then he tried throwing stones at the sheep. They just moved away. He tried singing. But he soon finished all the songs he knew. Then he tried doing tricks. He stood on his hands. He saw what he world looked like that way around. But then he fell over. He soon began to get bored with that, too. Then he saw a dark shape at the top of the hill. Or he thought so. It was there when he was standing on his hands. When he got back on his    feet, it was gone. He stood on his hands again and looked. There it was. He got back up. Nothing. Was it a wolf? He as not sure. Should he do anything? He did not know. Then he saw it again. Something dark. It was moving along the top of the hill. WOLF he shouted  as loudly as he could. WOLF WOLF WOLF
The villagers heard him. They stopped what they were doing. They picked up sticks and knives. They ran towards the hill as fast as could.  The boy was sitting on a rock halfway up the hill. He saw a hundred people running towards him. They were all talking at once. Where's the wolf? Which way did it go? Is it big or small? Is it a young dark one, or an old grey one? The old grey ones are the worst. Some were telling others what to do: You go that way john. 'I'll  go this way Mary. No its best to stay together. Lets bring all the sheep back down to the village. As they ran they were all bumping into one another. They were falling over each others feet. They were all looking about for a wolf. What fun the boy thought. He sat on the rock and laughed and laughed. Well I THOUGHT I saw a wolf he told them.
Plenty to eat
After that the boy enjoyed working with the sheep. If he was bored he cried out WOLF. The villagers would always come running up the hill. That is what he thought. He did this four or five times. Then one day something different happened. The shadow came and did not go away. It stood in the sunlight at the top of the hill. It was not a shadow any more. It was a large old grey wolf.
Wolf. Wolf. Wolf. the boy shouted. This time the village stayed quiet and peaceful. The people moved around slowly. They were getting on with their work.
 Wolf. Wolf. Wolf. the boy shouted again. But he did not see anyone coming. Who's making all that noise? somebody said young peter I think. Oh him the boy who is always seeing things. It's a waste of time running up there again. Yes when peter is there the wolves are just shadows.
Wolf. Wolf. Wolf. the boy shouted louder and louder. But no one came. The wolf looked at the boy. Then he looked down at the village. Then he looked at the sheep. Plenty here for dinner tonight he said to himself and smiled.

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