Friday, 10 March 2017

Wind and Sun

English short storiesFables for Children

The wind and the sun story
Bad weather
The North Wind was a great wind. It was strong. It was rough. It was as cold as ice. It flew across the land from one end to the other. It went everywhere. It crossed high mountains, and dry sandy plains. It passed over lakes and rivers, forests and fields. It flew by farms and villages, little towns and big cities. Everywhere, it showed everyone that it was rough and strong.
Everywhere, people talked about the wind. 'Windy today, isn't it? Yes, very bad weather. Hold on to your hat I am going home. I won't go to work in weather like this.

The North Wind laughed. It blew harder. It made great rocks come crashing down the sides of the mountains. It blew enormous clouds of sand high into the sky. It pulled up tall trees. It knocked down farm walls. It shook the roofs off large buildings. It blew ships far out to sea. Some ships got lost. Some crashed on the rocks. some went down below the waves. This went on for seven days and six nights. Then it stopped. The air grew still. The clouds left the sky. The Sun came out.
Who is stronger?
I have been watching you, the Sun said to the North Wind. I was just showing everyone how strong I am,' the North Wind said. 'What do you think?  Pretty good, eh?' 'Hmm. Well, not bad  said the Sun. Not bad? shouted the North Wind. Why do you say that? Do you think there is someone stronger than me? Perhaps. Who? asked the North Wind. 'Me, said the Sun. Unbelievable!' said the North Wind. Look said the Sun. Can you see someone coming along that road? That man with the coat on? Yes, I see him. So?
'Let's  try to make the coat come off the man, said the Sun. If you can do it, and I can't, I will say you are stronger than me. If I can do it and you can't, you must say I am stronger than you. Make that little coat come off that little man?' asked the North Wind. Yes, That's silly. All I have to do is to blow just a little, and the coat will fly away. Go on then, said the Sun, smiling to himself.
Who will win?
The North Wind started to blow again. The man walked along the road. The wind was blowing against him. He put his head down. He pushed into the wind as he walked along. the man's coat began to lift and flap. He held on to it tightly. He did not let go. The wind was cold. The man pulled his coat around him, closer and closer. The North Wind blew and blew. It tried harder and harder. But the man held on to his coat more and more. After a while, the North Wind stopped. It could not pull the coat off the man. It sat down, angrily. The Sun looked at the Wind. 'Now watch this,' he said. The Sun looked down on the world. He smiled. At first, in the still air, everything grew quieter. Then the birds began to sing and fly around. Some pretty little clouds came into the sky.

That feels better,' said the man to himself. I am pleased that the wind has stopped. It was so cold. The Sun shone more strongly. Getting warmer,' said the man to himself. The Sun shone more strongly than ever. The man unbuttoned his coat. The Sun shone as strongly as he could. Phew,  said the man. 'It's really hot now. And he took his coat off. You see, said the Sun to the North Wind. You are big and strong and rough. But that does not mean you will always win.

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