Saturday, 8 April 2017

Character Building for Kids

Mother's role in child's character building

No doubt mother plays a vital in the character building of a child. Children develop character by what they see what they hear and what they are repeatedly led to do As far as character is concerned good character consists of moral habits of the mind habits of the heart and habits of action. A comprehensive approach to character defines character comprehensively to include its cognitive emotional and behavioral dimensions.
If the family is to be a whole some cradle for human society. It means that the children as continuators of the human race must find there warmth patience and every possible advancement in their all- round education. For this purpose they must have a mother who considers the care for her children not as a part time job but as one of her foremost duties. The mother dominated a stage of the child's life all by herself with nobody else sharing her role. In this context early childhood is every important stage in the raising of a child and the role of the mother at that stage is greater than that of any body else. While the baby is still nursing she has the greatest contact with it. The child acquires many habits and standards at this stage and also cleans some modes of behavior which will be hard to change in the future. This is what makes the mothers role more important. It is the gate of this precarious stage in the child's life.
A mother takes care of the clothes of her children and the furniture of the house as well as intimate details that concerns her children. Thus she is more likely to discover problems that her children suffer from than their father particular in these days in which a father is usually too busy children. The mother therefore is more aware of the affairs of her children than her husband.  Mother also plays a significant role in the education o the children. For this purpose mother should be educated and when a mother is aware of the importance of education she better guide her children. An important aspect of education which is a joint responsibility of both parents although I want to stress the mothers role is to make sure that there is a discipline in the household.

Further dealing with the children is an art. As mothers plays a vital role in developing the personality of the children. Mothers also sets example for their children. I do not believe l need to go through the importance and effect of setting an example in education every body knows these things. For example when a child is asked to tidy his room by a mother whose own room is untidy or when he is forbidden to use obscene language and he hears such a language used by a mother in anger or when a other forbids lying and then asks the child to tell a lie to his father in all these cases the deeds of the parents belie their words. Thus to conclude my speech l would say that mother shapes up their children. Child are what their mother make up. do mothers should be educated so that they may up bring their child in a better way.

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