Monday, 1 May 2017

A dialogue between student and teacher about impact of media

A dialogue between student and teacher about impact of media
Student: Media helps people to share Knowledge of the world. Their feelings and opinion are expressed through it. Media attracts the attention of a very large audience. Have you noticed that the first thing we do soon after entering the house is to switch on the television?
Teacher: There is no doubt about it.
Student: Let me say that media has become a part of our life. It not only informs us but also entertains us.
Teacher: Absolutely right. Well, do you have any idea about the major means of communication?
Student: There are two means of communication, electronic media and print media. The media includes film, radio, television, internet, books, magazines and newspapers. It provides us information as well as entertainment.
Teacher: Good! It's through media that the world has become a global village. There is coverage of all the important events of the world on television. We can have an easy access to all kinds of information through media.
Student: Can we say that the world is just a click away?
Teacher: May be, well, would any other student like to say something on it?
Student: Madam, in my opinion, media plays a very constructive role for society. It raises awareness about may social  issues like corruption, terrorism, drug addiction, and violation of human rights.
Teacher: Yes, you are right.
Student: Media has also become a mouth piece of downtrodden.
Teacher: Yes, well said. It would not be wrong to say that media is the most vigilant institution that keeps an eye on every segment of the society. Through debates, reports and talk shows it makes everyone answerable and accountable. That is why media has become an integral part of our lives. Now, I would invite one of you to sum up the discussion.
Student: I would conclude the discussion by saying that media can play a positive role and has a corrective impact if it works honestly.
Teacher: Good conclusion. I am happy that all of you have participated in this discussion and have expressed yourselves very well.

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