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Essay on depression

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Depression is a term of psychology. In psychology depression is usually taken as a disease or mental illness in which a sufferer experiences or suffers unshakeable isolation frustration hopelessness temporary sadness and great despair and sense of loneliness. The term depression has become very common. In contrast to normal sadness severe depression can dramatically affect person's daily working relation. In depression a person feels his life as a great curse upon him and wants to get rid of this. That is why often considering himself worthless he thought of committing suicide.
Depression can take some other forms such as bipolar disorder sometimes called maniac depression and hysteria or conversation disorder. According to new research and psychologists weathers have a great impact on our moods. Sometimes people typically suffer from depression in cold weather autumn and in winter season. Depression however in every form effects our mental health. In Asia especially in Pakistan depression is not considered as a diseases but people commonly view depression as a sign of personal weakness but  psychologists and psychiatrists take it as a real illness. According to the survey of the United States the national institute of mental health has estimated that depression  costs society major part and affects the working.
The modern age may be one of the major causes of this depression or frustration. The present age can rightly be called the age of materialism or mechanical age. Depression affects every including adults women or sometimes mature person also have to suffer a great depression at some point during their lives however women are two to three times more likely then men to suffer from depression. Some other causes of depression are conflicts failure lack of compatibility lack of tolerance and financial problems. When one person fails to adjust himself according the requirements or needs of situations or circumstances he gets frustrated.
sometimes personal failure creates a greats sense of despair hopelessness and nothingness in a person. This feeling leads to the person to this point that he feels himself standing alone in the vast universe. In other words he suffers from a cosmic horror. He comes to this point.
''We live as we dream alone. This shows the night of his depression or sense of loneliness. Now here I would like to point out symptoms or signs or depressed person.
Usually a person in a great depression may appear as confused nervous and unbalanced personality. They look very sad or gloomy. They do not have any zest of life. Asian countries the depressed people may complain of weakness fatigue or imbalance. Depression may affect your physical health as well as mental health. Depression usually reduces their weight appetite and sleep. depressed people may have difficulty in expressing their emotions. They feel restlessness and agitation. I would like to conclude my speech the depression is unhealthy feeling. So depression must be avoided. It may be avoided with positive thinking and rational outlook. Here I would like to refer the words of Life is a comedy. As mental pain is greater than the physical pain as sometime great depression becomes a great mental pain or suffering.

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