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Science and Theology

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Science and Theology
Science Theology.'' Theology, as some of us think that is entirely separate from science but in my point of view theology and science are interlinked. Science depends upon religion. Science does not deviate from religion but follows it.
Before I deal with the subject at hand I would like to dilate upon the word ''Science'' and the purpose which it serves. Basically science deals with facts and science should explain the collective reality of the world in which we are living. The scientist should believe that science and religion are not the separate things and scientific laws are actually the laws of nature.
Aristotle whose physical science held a great importance and he is placed among European thinkers. According to him the function of science is to know what is this? Why it is? And how it happens?
Religion, on the other hand also creates curiosity in human being and instigate them to know the reality or facts. As in Quran. man is invited several times to go ahead and discover the reality.
All scientist were theologies to certain extent. For instance when ''Newton'' observed the fall of apple on the ground and linked it with the revolution of sun around the start and therefore he discovered the universal law which is called ''Law of gravity''. Newton said that:
''Every step, taken by men towards the revelation of reality is science.''
But on the other hand, Newton himself believed that there is some power (God) without which this could not keep running. The whole universe is moving under the supervision of God. Newton had to face the criticism of the church. On the basis of his believe further we can see that when Newton's concept of absolute space was also attacked on the theological grounds he remarked:
''God is not eternity and infinity but eternal and infinite. He is not duration or space but He endures forever and is everywhere present.''
Further in the present age many Quranic versions has been proved by many scientific discoveries. For instance fourteen hundred years ago it has been told in the Quran that the sun is the source of energy and moon gets illuminated from the light it receives from the sun. This has been justified by the modern science.
Further, in one Quranic verses, it has been mentioned that great energy is required in order to get into the space. The science of today has testified that we need supreme energy or power in order to go into the space.
Similarly, the reference to the existence of huge stars was incomprehensible. Now the inventions of big telescopes have made, it clear that there are huge stars and planets in the universe.
Various other examples can be seen such as the principal of symmetry hinted at in ''Surah  Mulk'' principal of equilibrium among the heavenly bodies in the universe, perpetual motion of the sun, the stars and the planets in specific orbits, changes in the day and night and different seasons. All these have been supported by scientific findings.
Our Holy Prophet (PBUH) has enjoined upon us to get knowledge. Quran invites men to unreveal the mysteries of this universe and in this respect science takes guidance from Quranic versions so science proves those facts which have been described in the Holy Quran fourteen years ago.
At the end of my speech I am inclined to say that all Quranic revelations and predictions are coming true one by one with the passing time. Science takes guidance from the Quran so science and theology are inter-related. Religion is a target and science is medium to reach this target. In other words science is only research work. It searches which already exists. We can also say that science is derived from the religion and religion had been completed by Holy prophet (PBUH) and science is incomplete. It is in process. Thus those facts which Quran and religion had mentioned 14 thousand years ago, science is still trying to reveal them.

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