Sample Job Application


Tips for Writing Job Applications


Tips for Writing Job Applications

Tips for Writing Job Applications

We are giving below some useful tips which must be kept in mind while writing applications for jobs:
  • The first thing that you should keep in mind is the time factor. You must send an application soon after an advertisement appears in a newspaper. The application should be despatched on a date which enables it to reach its destination well before the expire of the last date.
  • The above rule is applicable even when you are sending an unsolicited application, that is for example when you come to know of a vacancy from a reliable source. Here again it is proper to send in the application as soon as possible. If you keep postponing the matter someone else may approach the employer and grab the job which might have come to you.
  • Courtesy is very important while writing an application. Your language should not appear to be rough or haughty. Write in a polite way while you consider yourself suitable for the job. You may add politely if selected you would do your best to satisfy your seniors.............Click here to read full article

Application Structure

An application is a form of a letter. Many of its parts are similar to those in a letter. An application comprises the following main parts:
  •  Application's Address

Like the sender's address in a letter the application's address is also written on the top right-hand corner. Some applicants, write their name and address at the end of the application after the words ''Yours faithfully''. But this looks too formal and should be avoided.
Putting a comma after each line in the address has become outdated and is generally not followed these days. In this book also we have used the latest style method of writing the address for example:
Jumeirah Beach Road
Beach Road Dubai
If you are using a prescribed or printed performa for writing your application, then you must write your address in the column meant for this purpose.
If you are attaching your curriculum vitae (bio-data} with the application or giving it below the introductory remarks in the application itself, then address can come at both the places that is one the top right-hand corner as well as in the bio-data. Te address should be correctly and clearly written.............Click here to read full article


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