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Comprehension means that a student in a language you understand how much qualification. Different exams students a paragraph is given and related questions are Students in this paragraph only reply finds. But his words speak for him again. Comes from the front the extent to which a student can understand any language. It tests the ability of the student to understand the contents of the passage and to inter information from it. The aim of comprehension is to measure and improve student's ability to read and understand. Therefore, it is essential that student should be able to express his ideas clearly, precisely and in good language.

Some useful tips:

  • First read the contents of the passage quickly to get a fairly good idea and then slowly to grasp the meaning of the passage.
  •  Understand the question. Read the relevant part of the content in the passage and then write it in your own language.
  • The answer to the question should be brief and to the point.
  • Write complete sentence as far as possible, though sometime it is possible to give good answer, using only single phrase or word.
  • You can also answer using an expression taken from the passage, but it is always preferable to write answer in your own words, which should be precise and neat.
  • Do not ever copy from the passage without understanding.
  •  It is also includes some vocabulary questions to test the reading skill. You should be able to express the meaning or idea clearly and to the point.
  • Refer to the dictionary wherever you have misconnects about the meanings of terms, which may lead to wrong interpretations.
Reading Comprehension Passages and Questions& Answers for Kids 
Comprehension Example Passages:  

A précis is a concise summary of the essential points, statements or facts. Précis writing is an art of compression. The gist of a Passage enables the reader to grasp main points. It should be brief, lucid, concise and comprehensive.  Click here to continue reading.

Tips for Writing Job Applications
 We are giving below some useful tips which must be kept in mind while writing applications for online jobs: Click here to continue reading.

Letter Writing Guide  
A good letter is like a banker's cheque. A good business letter can fresh money because words are not only wealth and wisdom but the juice of modern civilization. A letter should be lively, lovely, musical, love romance, thanks and replies, and picturesque, but simple. A personal letter to a friend or a relative should be written  by hand. It assumes warmth, which no machine can achieve. The art of writing by hand itself seems to be dying out.Click here to continue reading.

Paragraph Writing  For Kids
  A collection of phrases in a paragraph about a topic is called.A paragraph is written composition that consists of one or more sentences grouped together on one point on one topic. It is a development of a single thought, idea or experience. It can be a short composition or a note that can be completed in one paragraph. Click here to continue reading.

Diary Writing
Diary is record of events, transaction, or observations kept daily or at frequent intervals. It is a record of personal activities, reflections and feelings of the person. Click here to continue reading.

A message is a medium of communication in writing, by speech or signals. To write a message you need to think carefully about the purpose of writing message.  Click here to continue reading.

Speech Writing
You develop an added advantage in life, if you are a gifted public speaker. Mind you, it is not a gift but anyone can develop it with some effort, consistency and courage. Everyone, sooner or later, has to address a group of people, be it a presentation, conference, debate, speech, lecture, or an election meeting.
 Generally the one with effective speech wins the battle.Click here to continue reading.

Dialogue Writing
Dialogue is a written composition in which two or more characters are represented as conversing. It is an exchange of ideas and opinions.  Click here to continue reading.

How to Write an Essay
Simple and beautiful', and 'short and sweet' are the two age-old mottos of good writing. Whether an essay or a letter, it should be crisp and clear. Although not always necessary, often one should be brief and to the point. Good command over the language, is no substitute for the contents. Without vital information, facts or contents, one sounds hollow and shallow. It is therefore, necessary that writing should not be only for the sake of writing, but should depict a purpose.
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